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Grief – Anger – Hurt 

Recently I found through grief there is always a component of anger.

Anger being allowed to live a healthy way can fuel the fires of change.

When anger is expressed/used as fuel for forward movement not only is it healthy and helpful but it also dissipates and allows the real hurt to arise.

In the hurt I believe eventually what rises is acceptance.

Accepting all that is and was and will be.

It allows momentary freedom and is a letting go again and again until it heals.

A changed person on the other side of discomfort awaits. Always.

I am a more loving person daily because of the depths I choose to feel and because of the responsibility and ownership I take for my wounding.

Its not easy.

What’s harder is staying stuck on a loop, confused, in familiar pain, and not being able to find a way out.

If it’s going to be uncomfortable I choose to feel the depths of it and I choose to change.

Sending out deep respect and honouring to those that do the same, Thank you.

On this new moon, here to fuel the fires of change.. what will you choose?

How do you move forward?
How can you find freedom in discipline?
Where do you see yourself in 6mths time?
Are you living with passion?
Can you shift any frustration & anger into inspired action?

These energies are big and they will work us if we don’t listen, look in and work with them.

After all, as Rumi writes: We are the universe in ecstatic motion.

It is all so very connected…



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