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TRUTH is a massive aspect of deep lasting healing.

Not put a bandaid on and temporarily feel better healing that society is riddled with.

To get to the root cause of the painful memories and see all parts of self fully, to heal those core beliefs, rewire the thoughts, reconnect to the inner child, process suppressed emotion, recalibrate safety in the body, and CHOOSE how to recreate the way we show up to life from struggle requires getting brutally honest with ourselves.

To come out of money blocks, sex/intimacy issues, relationship problems, insecurities, victimhood, scarcity, people pleasing…. Requires inner work.

I don’t care much about how a mind wants to analyse, set goals and push through, I care about humanity remembering wholeness in a way that doesn’t include bypassing emotion.

The body has stored memories that speak a different language to the mind and to release that takes truth, trust, and doing things differently, in that, knowing the nervous system and brain will be rewired and rest is required.

So what is society “pushing through” when it comes to healing?

When the body needs attention and care and we keep busy going to the gym/yoga/squeezing in self-care in a hurry, setting goals, seeking externally in whatever form actually could be humanity bypassing the uncomfortable truth within the body…

I know I bang on about this most days but when someone else finally reads it, feels it, connects with it – I see it in my work all the time… magic happens.

Being truthful enough with yourself to ask hard questions and sit in ownership of the role we play in our suffering IS a direct way OUT of suffering.

The suffering is continuing the patterns, projecting the wounds unconsciously, and any blame for others keeps us all stuck.

Freedom comes in the way of accountability to the truth, even when it sucks… so if the truth is calling you reach out to me id love to work with you…



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