Do you trust yourself?

A huge component of what I teach is trust.

But not the trust you put words to and talk about, fight for, or expect externally..

In fact, I never use the word trust often when teaching it, I believe it can only be felt.

It stirs like a calling from the center of each of us.

I choose to be a guide and teacher of the inner world, to take you there to feel that trust rather than talk about it too much.

I know the journey to the inner realm well through circumstances of learning dissociation and needing to escape somewhere else. Through our struggles there is always a gift. This is mine.

I believe I’ve been more in the inner world than this one. My learning is to be here more now, feet grounded, and teaching this helps me stay aware of that.

You can feel trust in those A-ha moments when all seems to make sense. I know you’ve all felt it, even for a moment.

When you discover your raw truth internally with everything else stripped back. It moves you.

When we reach the truth the next step is to develop a TRUST to it from within. To follow through.

No more of this “i must be crazy to believe i could do that”, or “that’s not how it’s meant to be”… (no control/no ego.)

Your truth will ALWAYS liberate you.

Without flexing that internal trust muscle to your truth you may not ever follow through.

You may keep self abandoning, self-sacrificing, pushing people away, inviting disease into your body.
(I could go on).

So, dear ones at the time of this eclipse i invite you to still the self, go in, get rid of the outside noise, the have to and shoulds, have no attachment to the past or future and ask…

What is ending/beginning within me?
What is the open honest truth of how that feels?
Do i trust myself?
What is one step i can take towards looking in for answers more often?

Cut out the noise, let the heart lead.

There are no mistakes, only more opportunities to heal.



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