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So frequently we tick off a list like we are doing the groceries when we are dealing with the transformation of the self.

It is big work; we often do the steps, tick it off and move to the next thing like it’s all done or there is a rush and emphasis on the end goal.

We can get very stuck in the energy of constantly seeking but eventually we remember there are always many layers to this existence.

What we really need to take in when we go deep within to connect to ourselves and start living a new way is some downtime for the in-between, time to feel it all, and time to be, especially when there has been a big completion or time of change.

We need to be able to integrate the experiences we encounter into a new timeline of existing and rest when we need to because it can be exhausting work releasing the old, and it can take up emotional capacity to be in the self-work fully.

Think about at the end of a big workday we actually need to do something that brings us back to ourselves, so doing the work to rewire and change your life really needs time for integration.

To embody a new way forward you will need time to just be with yourself. Time to settle in and get comfortable with the implementation of your learnings and to be with your new way of thinking, feeling, and embodying however that looks for you as you press on, so it is a lasting, transformational change.

This prevents the common trap of getting over one hurdle and then jumping straight to the next one, leading all too often to complete breakdown and overwhelm where you are left wondering what the hell just happened and who am I.

I am speaking from personal experience, and from what I have seen when journeying with others through change. It is easy to be overwhelmed and that isn’t the ideal place to land after deep soul work. I eventually understood after many crashes from lack of taking time and integration that it didn’t serve my growth and expansion to rush to the next thing.

Everything needs time. And there is no limit to how much time each integration period will be. It needs to be felt and followed through into a solid lasting creation.

An example of integration: Whether you have learned to open up to your heart’s energy or not, you can be in practice of softening your edges as you travel over, under, and through the waves of practicing. Daily practice to embody that softening might include Yin Yoga, dancing, breathing, time to sleep and rest, revisiting the food you eat that nourishes you, taking self-care seriously by committing to blocking time out in your schedule, and following through because you know it comes from whats aligned to your truth.

So be with it.

Each thing that shows up— whatever it is for you—be there fully.

Let it take as long as it takes and give it room to breathe.

Give yourself the space needed to breathe that new life in.

Many Blessings,



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